This is our process of growing as a church and how we see believers grow more mature in Christ. This process highlights worship, discipleship and mission.

Our vision is to see believers developed through truthful, biblical preaching and deep relationships who go out to reach others.

We believe it is important to present an uncomplicated view of the Christian life and uncluttered view of Christ. We do this by keeping things simple. We allow the phrase,"Living God's Way" to inform and direct what we do as we gather, grow, go and give together.  

The theme for VLC this year is based on the truth of this scripture. The God responsible for all the beauty we see in nature and throughout the universe also created us to display His glory in the earth. Like a perfectly crafted poem or a masterpiece hanging on a gallery wall, others should see the skill and brilliance of the Artist as they view his work in us. 


Invite someone to church

Reach out to one person and share the gospel with them

Disciple someone and develop deep relationships


Read through the Bible in a year

Record specific prayers and answers from God

Celebrate the activity of God in your life and the life of others


Identify your gifts ( )

Ask how you can serve at VLC      

Serve throughout our ministry and in other opportunities in neighboring areas